Thursday, February 25, 2016

Remembering the AmerIndian scouts

StrategyPage has an item about the AmerIndians used in many wars as scouts.

And not just AmerIndians: also Eskimos.

And don't forget the Philippine scouts (who in WWII included some of my relatives).

Since (and before) World War II American troops overseas have continued to hire knowledgeable locals as scouts and interpreters. Perhaps the most famous and enduring of these were the Philippines Scouts, who were organized before World War II as the core of the army for the soon-to-be independent Philippines. That independence was delayed a year by Japanese invasion and occupation. After the invasion many of the scouts refused to surrender and headed for the mountains and were a major part of the anti-Japanese resistance. After the war the “Scout Rangers” became the elite infantry of the Filipino Army.
yeah, every year the US sends troops (often from the National Guard) to the nearby Army camp for training in jungle warfare by the Philippine scouts.

And the annual war games are due anytime now: I heard a multi engine plane going over at low altitude yesterday, which is usually a sign the games are on. But for some reason I can't find information on what is planned this year.

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