Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sometimes naked statues are not just naked statues

I posted a link to Dr. E's report of Iran's president visiting Europe a couple of days ago.

But I do remember there was a minor kerfuffle because Italy covered some naked statues when he visited.

The MSM presumed this was done so he wouldn't see statues of naked men.

But StrategyPage says no: it was to prevent his radical opponents from using photographs with these statues in the background to destroy him.

...it was not surprising that when Rouhani visited (at his request) some museums full of centuries old statues and paintings the ones that showed any nudity had the naughty bits covered. While this seems absurd and demeaning to the average Westerners (and some Iranians) it is seen as a defeat by Islamic radicals in Iran waiting to pounce on Rouhani for viewing such decadent and un-Islamic art. Covering up the nakedness deprives Iranian Islamic radicals neutralizing or bringing down another Iranian reformer.
Sometimes what looks like a retreat is actually a victory.

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