Friday, March 18, 2016

And then they wonder why they feel so sad

Instapundit  links to this article:

HEY, KIDS, WHAT TIME IS IT? It’s time to stop calling Kim Kardashian a “slut.”

yes, nakedness by hollywood type narcissists is "in" and how dare you criticize them (even though their selfie nudies are about getting free publicity, not about feeling good about themselves).

When we pick and choose which women we want to support in their right to their own bodies and which women we don't, we are keeping all women stuck in a self-destructive conversation of cultural shame around sexuality.

honey, it is not about men. It is about jealous women who are too busy to have 8 hours a day to exercize with their personal trainer, and too poor to have all that plastic surgery.

And some of it from those of us who actually have a life is ridicule for you being so childish and silly.

Sexuality is not about you you you. It is a gift of God, so that you can bind in love with your lover and care for each other and your children.

Without the knowledge that sexuality is about family and that making love is actually...making love, i.e. making people feel loving about the one you are with.

Ah, you imply that sex is fun but no with no more moral depth than eating a hamburger (indeed less: hamburgers are high in calories and cause heart attacks, hamburger restaurants underpay their help, and the rain forest is being destroyed to raise cattle in the Amazon).

When you flaunt your sexuality in front of a man, you are being worse than a slut (sluts enjoy men and sex). You are being a tease. You are turning men on and then ridiculing them for their God given sexuality when they are aroused. Then you go around insisting you are a "free woman", while what you are is a sadistic ball breaker.

Modesty has little to do with your clothing: In Africa, one Bantu tribe I worked with traditionally worse a short apron. Modernity brought clothing, but women still thought nothing of openly breast feeding in church.
But they were modest.
In contrast some Saudi girls manage to wear their  state mandated full body costumes in a provocative way to send the message that they are "available".
Costume has to do with local customs. Want to be nude? Go to a nude beach in Europe.

But if I read the article correctly, you are using nakedness to disdain normal men and indeed anyone who might object to your disdain for others who have to see you.

Stop judging women who love their bodies enough to show them off — in public or in private. And stop judging women who don't love their bodies all that much and would prefer to stay covered up. 
ah so that's it. You want to show off.
Others do not count: It's all about Me ME ME

which is why the article below this one discuss sex and success, but not love or family or self sacrifice for the ones you love, or about getting old.

and your shallow life leads to this problem:

15 Things You MUST Know About People Who Have Concealed Depression

Many of you reading this will know how easy it is to feel lost and alone. The truth is, no one has to hide the darkest and most unpleasant parts of themselves. The world we live in encourages this, but it's those darkest parts that also have the most light in them. All that pain produces understandings that create a new level of living.

so you mean maybe even the narcissitic types that read this webpage might have to slide out of their self centeredness to be happy?

No matter how complicated someone is, it's important for them to understand that they're searching for love acceptance. We all are. Open your heart to someone, even if it scares you to death. 

who wudda thot?

those Hallmark Card saying might be true.

Maybe they might even take the next step: not just to "accept" love but to form a mature relationship.

of course, when one is in the geriatric set, nudity is not really very sexy.

and for a doctor, nudity is not a big deal. Few of our patients are quite so attractive...

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