Thursday, March 03, 2016

Censorship hits Harry Potter's mum

The BBC reports there is a move to prosecute "fake profiles" if you harass someone on the internet.

The Crown Prosecution Service says adults should be charged if they use fake social media IDs to harass others. 
Cases would also follow if posts were indecent, grossly offensive or so false they caused distress and anxiety. 
Ah, but that is a subjective feeling, not a fact. Libel is a fact. Threats are facts. Causing anxiety to a snowflake SJW is easy: Just tell them they are wrong.
 "It is vital that prosecutors consider the bigger picture when looking at evidence and examine both the online and offline behaviour pattern of the defendant," said the director of public prosecutions, Alison Saunders. 
so they will have the cops investigate your behavior? What behavior pattern do they mean? Checking if a person goes around blowing up mosques and not just tweeting threats, or will they interview those around you if you ever told a dirty joke about a female/black/sexual minority politician?

Also from the BBC:

HarryPotter author once thanked someone for helping a charity, so she is being accused of bigotry.

And she is not pleased at this accusation, which is not a joke or a satire but borders on being a libelous charge. (and remember, the UK has a strict libel law).

K Rowling has suggested she may sue for defamation after an MP accused the Harry Potter author of defending "abusive misogynist trolls" on Twitter.
the item involved is that Ms Rowling thanked ione jokster/political satirist guy for helping raise money for a children's charity.

But never mind: In the SJW universe, one bad quote is able to destroy anyone.

Ms McGarry had initially tweeted: "W.ow @jk_rowling vanity searches her name & then defends abusive misogynist trolls. Almost makes me regret queuing for books."
Ms Rowling, who was a high-profile supporter of Scotland remaining in the UK during the independence referendum, replied that she would "love an explanation of this accusation".
She later tweeted: "You are a politician making a public accusation. Show me where I have defended abusive, misogynist trolling."
The Brian Spanner account is one of the 281 followed on Twitter by Ms Rowling, who has more than 6.6 million followers.
The account is regularly used to post abusive comments about SNP politicians.
 if you actually go to the account, he is not being abusive, he is ridiculing them...doing a bad imitation of Perez or Bill.

what this is doing is silencing the political opposition by calling anyone who agrees with them a bigot.

Uh, sort of like the @freestacy kerfuffle?

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