Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Family News

Yesterday morning, Joy helped me start a bank account to get my Phil Veteran's pension (Lolo was a WWII vet ).

The corruption here is huge, so the paper work to stop corruption is even larger. The pension is tiny by US standards, but is important, especially if I stay here as I plan to do.

Joy and Ruby left after lunch for some kind of revival or church meeting. I was invited, but it's Evangelical, and probably in Tagalog and I am not big on being preached to.

so I spent the evening trying to do my simple income tax statement.

Yes, five hours for a simple form: And that was using Turbo Tax. Turbotax kept insisting I file as "married" so finally I erased it and started over making "single" and it worked. True, taxes are higher, but two years ago, when Lolo started getting sick, his son took over all his pension and bank accounts, and I couldn't get hold of the needed information, so I have been filing separately, which is okay since we always kept our money separate from each other to keep his kids and my kids from feuding.

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