Friday, March 25, 2016

Family news

The (second season) rice harvest is going on so everyone is busy at the farm. Rural roads and parking lots are used to dry rice so you have to watch where you are driving.

Every few blocks, there is a temporary chapel in the street to sing the "pasyon"...ended last night. No, our area doen't do the bloody "crucifixions": That is nearby Pampanga. And no, I never saw one. It is a medieval custom that has persisted in this remote and very poor area.

The temperatures have been in the 90s so I am staying inside with the aircon on. No brownouts so far this week, but it has been dry so the hydroelectric power will soon go slow. We have two generators: A large one for our compound and a small backup one.

The fish are gasping a lot: lots of black algae and dead leaves. I cleaned out some of the fish pond and the pump filter, but I suspect we will have to change half the water or we will have a fish die off (something that happens in the hot season).

Joy and Ruby are at a church conference/retreat/whatever and should be back today.

One year anniversary for Lolo's death....Sigh.

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