Sunday, March 13, 2016

Family news

Lolo'a Gravehouse is almost finished a year after his death.

after several stops and starts, the shelter over Lolo's grave is almost done.

He wanted to be buried with his mom, but in the last few years, two other relatives were buried there, so the plot was crowded with five graves (it could hold six, meaning no room for me).

Then he said he wanted the grave in an area with simple tombstones like they do in the USA.

Alas, it was bad luck to buy such a plot before someone dies, so when we tried, no plots were left in that section of the cemetery. So instead, we got a small plot between two other "houses" in the "medium rich" area of the cemetery...(The grave houses of the rich are really really fancy). This plot will hold six people, which is considered small for Filipino families.

because of the high water level, most of the graves are boxes above ground in this area of the cemetery. So we had to put the dirt high enough to hold the casket, and so the "Room" looks empty.

The cost of burial is high, so in Manila they are starting cremation, but here even the poor are buried in boxes, sometimes three or four high, in the old cemetary area.

this is Lolo at his mother's grave:

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