Saturday, March 26, 2016

He is risen

Russian Easter is next month, but most Christian churches celebrate it tomorrow. And although in the materialistic USA, the emphasis is Chistmas, with it's feel good celebrations and fancy gifts, for many, especially Eastern Christians, the big feast is Easter: because the secret joy of Christians  is that death and evil are not the winners in the long run.

 At a mall in Beruit Lebanon:

in Budapest Hungary ...


..and the Philippines:

Nah, just ignore the 2 billion Christians who still are dumb enough to believe in the resurrection, say the press, who usually makes sure the debunkers are in the news and TV shows.

But I'm old enough to remember this, at the time when communism still was the law of the land in Russia:

It was a stunning drama played out on the cobblestones of Red Square -- the Soviet Union's most resonant political stage. As Kremlin loudspeakers boomed out government slogans and marching music, the demonstrators shouted their discontent for the first time to Gorbachev's face. A bearded Russian Orthodox priest in the parade carried a seven-foot-high crucifix and shouted, "Mikhail Sergeyevich, Christ Has Risen!"
The phrase "Christ has risen" is a traditional Easter greeting in Russia, and the correct answer is: He is risen indeed.

Hmmm.. can you imagine a certain Catholic Cardinal carrying a cross and shouting Christ is risen at a public parade?

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