Thursday, March 17, 2016

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StrategyPage update on the Philippines. China is acting aggressive against one of our islands in the Spratlys. But never mind. Obama will just posture about it.

In January China very publicly opposed Filipino plans to a new Filipino air traffic control facility on Pagasa. In late February Chinese coast guard ships began showing up at nearby Jackson Atoll, which has long been used by Filipino fishermen from nearby Palawan (inhabited by 770,000 Filipinos and not claimed by China, at least not yet). Now China appears to be making preparations to build an artificial island at Jackson Atoll, install a small military garrison and declare the area part of China. Nearby Pagasa is the second-largest (37.2 hectares/93 acres) of the Spratly Islands and is inhabited by 200 Filipinos civilians and a few military personnel. China has been increasingly belligerent in its claims to Pagasa and threatens to “take it back” by force. 

related item:China points to Trump to instruct their people on the dangers of democracy...
and they are aghast he plans to build a wall (duh).

related item: Mom Jones is happy that China's greenhouse emissions might have peaked.
but what is behind the drop? In the past, changing the way to grow rice from the "natural" methane releasing flooding method to "dry" farming helped lower the greenhouse gases produced by China.

But this time it is the economic downturn that is cutting factory jobs.

Yeah, nothing like a recession to stop the factories from spewing greenhouse gasses.


According to Drudge, "students" who are professional agitators and don't need to work at a regular job and get their hands dirty, and organizations funded by millionaires closely associated with President Obama, who are making expensive plans to make huge demonstrations against cheeky millionaires running for president.
President Obama: "We can have political debates without turning on one another. We can disagree without assuming that it's motivated by malice." Watch complete video here:
I don't know: the demonstrators' rhetoric is pretty hateful on twitter.

Trump's minions are repeatedly blamed for violence, but is it violence or push back against aggression? The poster child for Trumpette violence is a 78 year old ex Korean war veteran who was upset at obscentities sprouted at him and those with him and spontaneously hit back for being disrepectful.

of course, it's 1968 redux...which gave us a lot of violence and resulted in Nixon being elected.

And yes these groups will use the internet to arrange things, but the bad news is that, unlike 1968, the internet will let the rest of us know the story that is not covered on the MSM...

the way I see it, the most dangerous man in America is not Trump but Drudge...

Youtube lecture of the day: You know what happened to the Titanic, but do you know the story of the Brittanic?

for 250 years, StPatrick's day was a celebration that Irish Catholics in the US were allowed to follow their religion (at a time when Catholics in Ireland couldn't hear mass or vote etc).

 Why is it such a big celebration in American communities? One reason is that the freedom of democratic life is such a great experience that people simply cannot be kept from celebrating it. The Irish have had to struggle so long and hard for their freedom that they take a special delight in celebrating the religious liberty and free association that they have enjoyed in America.
Well, no longer. The parades are "inclusive" and must includ groups who openly disdain Catholic beliefs. Essentially, if you hold Catholic beliefs you are now considered a bigot.

so much for "religious liberty and free association".


the Arabs arrest spying Israeli vultures.

But in London, the pigeons actually do spy on you:

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