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Headlines below the fold

While you were watching the hyperventillating talking heads on superTuesday, other stuff was going on.

StrategyPage has a report on Iran's election, what it means, and about the Saudi/Iran fight proxy fight in Yemen.

The EU and US are not the only ones where the hoi polloi is restless.

 Preliminary results of the February 26 national elections indicates that the reformers did much better, more than tripling representation in parliament from about ten percent to at least a third. Unlike 2012 the ruling clerics did not try to rig the voting. There were two main reasons for that. First, many hardliners have become pro-reform. Second the ruling clerics know they are in trouble. 
hmm...seems like the clerics not only pulled back from stealing this election after the demonstrations from the last one....and they are in trouble because they got rich from corruption while punishing women if their chadors are too lose...


BBC: China punishes those behind a huge investment scam.

MBulletin reports China's manufacturing is not expanding.
also BBC: Barclay's bank is pulling out of Africa.

complicated, but a lot of it is about the fall in worth of the South African Rand.


The Pakistani lady who won her second Oscar...
for a short film about honor killing and forgiveness.


stem cells from the patient's bone marrow restore retina and some sight.

I assumed the "controversial" part of the headline was about using fetal cells, but here like in most successful stem cell treatments, ethical stem cellswere used...the controvery was about bypassing the paper work and preliminary experiments to just treat the patients.the problem: because of the lack of basic investigations, they don't know why the treatment worked.

via Instapundit.

so for the last 19 years the GAO can't make out the books?

 Katie Watson of the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group says GAO just announced – for the 19th consecutive year – that the federal government’s accounting is so bad that it “did not render an opinion on the federal government’s consolidated financial statements.”
Think about that for a moment. 

The problem with the "two minute hate" on Facebook and Twitter that they impose "groupthink".

And as ABC (Aus) science news points out:  too much groupthink stops innovation.


how to survive a shooting attack.

Might come in handy here, since election season is a blood sport in our area.

problem? It didn't work for our nephew, who was leaning over one of the victims when he was shot. We debate is he was applying first aid (he was a doctor) or if he was trying to find the guy's gun to shoot back. Sigh.

We have gun control in the Philippines. Most people have an illegal gun hidden in their homes for protection, but you can get jail time if the roaming police roadblocks find you carry one without a hard-to-get permit.

Alas, If our nephew had a close carry permit, he might be alive today, because he took after his father who had been the police chief, and like my husband was a good shot.

No, we don't have a gun in our house: I am a poor shot, and his son is a Christian who refuses to break the law. But until his stroke, my husband kept a handgun and his old World War II machine gun in the closet.

My husband always carried a legal hand gun in his car when we lived in the USA because he carried morphine with him for housecalls and emergencies... and even back then there were a lot of druggies around.

I am starting to see soldiers around town wearing a new uniform, a pixelated grey urban warfare pattern.

In the past, the military wore the "brushstroke" dark green pattern, for jungle warfare (against the local NPA).

more on Filipino uniforms HERE and Here

and if you see the old BDU pattern, it's probably civilians since used clothing is sold all over the place here, and usually better quality than the new shoddy stuff from China.


Madonna's concert is making even hip Pinoys feel uncomfortable, and here's why.

and she couldn't even start the concert on time.

Nothing like ridiculing her audience to make her popular (/s)

in contrast, LadyGaga put out an album with Tony Bennett...

AnneAlthouse reports the oh so politically biased BMJ now published an article that criticizes western countries that ban female circumcision.

what is being ignored: the mild "nick" which is sometimes done in Indonesia and Malaysia, is not what is being discussed.

THIS is what they are talking about.Diagram here.

This form is more common in the Middle East and North Africa.and is indeed a form of mutilation to stop women from enjoying sex, not to mention making childbirth more dangerous.

From a medical point of view, it should be abolished. And the UN's WHO has been trying to do this.


Before there were Trumpettes, there was the KnowNothing party. from First Things.

or is it a revolt of the working class, who see their families decimated by their jobs sent overseas in trade deals and cultural leaders whose anti-traditional family policies are destroying the social fabric?

Rod Dreher expanded on Domenech’s comments, noting that after the SCOTUS Obergefell decision, Christians understand that “the deck is stacked against them.”  Many of them believe that the only thing standing between them and “liberal authoritarianism” may be “a combative SOB who doesn’t care what Enlightened Opinion thinks of him.”

headsupVia TeaAtTrianon

on the other hand, that part in the article

...As the country is transformed by immigration, including by non-Christians, a significant number of them hostile to our faith....

Reality check: Most immigrants are Christian, (Mexico is a "catholic" majority country) nor is being a "non Christian" necessarily mean they are hostile to "American" values (Buddhist Koreans and secular Chinese have a lot in common with the Republican party,  many Arabs in the US are Christian, and many of the "Muslim" immigrants who are not refugees are secular and educated) .

Since, as the proverb says, "only Nixon can go to China", it is probable that Trump will allow working illegal immigrants a way to stay, while deporting the others, screening "refugees" a bit closer, and making sure the borders are strengthened. And others think so too....

If his policies allow more job creation, there will be enough jobs for all.

Maybe Hillary should take her husband's advice: It's the economy, stupid.


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