Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Headlines below the fold

StrategyPage: Mexico's highway of Death
The war no one wants to talk about

a lot of information about how the drug gangs are infiltrating the USA.

and for those old enough to remember the "golden triangle, here is a report about Burma China and drugs smuggling.

Except now it includes Meth.

the dirty little secret is that these drugs require LEGAL chemicals to process: and there are a lot of businesses who will sell it to them. Ditto for money laundering.

Right now, the growing use of drugs is becoming a problem here in the Philippines, and may be one reason that we see Duterte posters all over town.


Don't look now: UN wants a global tax

A high-level panel of the UN just issued its report that will inform the World Humanitarian Summit this May in Istanbul.
A global tax for the benefit of the UN was a part of their agenda.

they'll use it tpo push population control and abortion in the name of "sustainability".

Being the UN, of course, there is no democratic input on how they use it, and of course, they are not open to outside regulation.

I figure they will use it to put into the pockets of the crooked UN officials, or to give to local officials to use for "projects" (while skimming off 20 percent user fees).

from the UKMail:
Do protective helmets actually protect the head?
actually it is a good discussion of the problems of head protection in sports.

for the military, indirect trauma from explosions is a major problem, but you also need bullet and other protection while being comfortable and not too restrictive to vision. StrategyPage discusses it HERE. (a bit technical).

one problem is fitting well: could 3D printed helmets work better?


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