Monday, March 14, 2016

Hollywood pushes propaganda?

The NYTimes notes a lot of politicized movies will be released before the election.

So what else is new?

Except for the ones about the gov't spying on you (which has been done in the past), I don't especially see these helping folks. I mean, if Iron Sky didn't help Sarah Palin become president after portraying her as the tushkicking reptiloid president kicking tush of the moon based Nazis didn't help her become president, I'm not sure a film with a "strong" female president will help Hillary, who already is being pushed by a TV show Madam Secretary (showing an attractive young white lady as the heroine, of course. Presumably the producers never would have gone against type casting and putting a black woman in the role or even an older, mature Jewish lady in the role).
The trouble with movies as propaganda is that those who disagree don't go, and those who agree are already true believers.

But if a movie is true to the story, it could have unintended consequences.

the second problem: A lot of revenue comes from overseas. Talky movies about PC heroes just don't get seen here in Asia. (ah but the kick tush types are popular and are sold in the Palenke a week before they open in Manila).

and sometimes the movie gets interpreted differently in other countries.

I remember the "greens" loved Avatar, but few saw this as anything but a good movie, seeing the "good magic" part as fantasy, not anything to do with reality. I mean, it was "Dances with Wolves" redux, but not something that would get you to go out and demonstrate against eating buffalo meat.

But in China, where many farmers have been kicked off their land or had their homes destroyed in the name of progress, it caused a lot of problems....they did see the point and banned it.

most of the movies they cited are intellectual films to make one snooze, or will be so full of special effects that the political content will be ignored.

and a lot of them are essentially remakes of films done in the past.

Hmmm...wonder why no one is remaking Bulworth? well, maybe because no one watched it the first time around.

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