Thursday, March 17, 2016

Important stories behind the headlines or non headlines

GetReligion reviews several news reports on American Muslims.

Trump and Muslims (and many voted for Bernie, even though he is Jewish)
except some are not Arab and some are not Muslim.and they don't seem to notice some are Shia and some are Sunni....

and this article discusses this survey of Muslim attitudes. Bookmarked for later reading.

NotDeadYet points out the propaganda of those pushing death on demand...
no, not for intractable pain: more are because of "loss of dignity".

Moreover, as a person who has been disabled all of my life, I’ve learned that some of the health care that I’ve needed will not be covered by the available forms of insurance, because it won’t cure me and it “costs too much”, things that would have helped me maintain more physical function longer or reduced the help I needed from family. This is a common experience in the disability community.
coercion anyone? LINK

let's be cynical: follow the money.

And don't say it couldn't happen here: It is going on in Canada with nary a word said in warning.
MrsGayCaswell is very upset, but hey, she's a metis and knows how bad health care is for the "indigenous" in her area, and how eugenic sterilization was pushed on her community in the past...

Ironically, now that the IHS in the USA is staffed mainly with volunteers, and since much of the staff are Indian preference, that minority group probably will be safe, albeit given the fact that medical rationing and short staffing and lack of money for referrals are still major obstacles to good medical care in the IHS.

In referral hospitals, however, I worry. Lots of prejudice there. And one wonders if anyone worries about abuse in other minority communities: Do "black lives matter"? (which is why I tend to support Bernie: some medical care is better than none).

and of course, when the CDC wants docs to stop giving opiods to patients with chronic pain (so their druggie relatives don't steal it and die of an overdose), well, expect more requests from people whose pain could be relieved but isn't.

again, from the NYState report:

The presence of unrelieved pain also increases susceptibility to
suicide. The experience of pain is closely linked to physical disability,
depression, and feelings of hopelessness. Depression and anxiety in turn
often augment the patient's experience of pain

But the real danger is a pro death culture, a philosophy that sees the elderly or sick as using valuable health care money, with the idea that they (and the community) would be better if they would simply go away. This is why the British end of life pathway (a good idea), to ensure the dying were out of pain, quickly degenerated into stealth killing of those who were not terminally ill, and who can't or won't ask for it.

 or as Pope Francis said:

Speaking to the crowd in South America's poorest country, Francis decried the prevailing mentality of the world economy where so many people are "discarded" today — the poor, the elderly, those who are unproductive."It is a mentality in which everything has a price, everything can be bought, everything is negotiable," he said. "This way of thinking has room only for a select few, while it discards all those who are unproductive."

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