Sunday, March 06, 2016

the question no one is asking

A couple of media columns about Trump saying he would use torture and bomb the families of military person said that he wouldn't obey such an order, so there are questions if the military would obey Trump in any orders.


How about this question:

Would you torture a captured terrorist about details of the plan to car bomb the Pope to save his life and the lives of hundreds of civilians who would be nearby?

as for targeted killing vs "collateral damage", Rev Sensing remembers when FDR and Churchill did just that...

Now, I have another question.

maybe, given what is going on in Canada, we should ask instead:

If the President (actually the Supreme court) tells you you have to kill your patients, would you obey?

Been there done that... I was failed in medical school for refusing to cooperate with abortions (reversed on appeal) and many nurses were coerced and "reeducated" to help.

Nowadays, our beloved President Obama has made a law mandating cooperation with things considered immoral by many Christians.

Christian cake makers, the Little Sisters of the Poor and EWTN are legally being sued for disobedience to the law.

Maybe someone should consider this as an election issue...

Anyone? Anyone?

related link: Rappler on the plot to kill JP2, the threats against Pope Francis when he visited here, the "philippine connection" of many of these terrorists (not to mention the OKC bomber) and notes the internet recruiting of "lone wolf" terrorists.

includes this quote:

Let’s be clear. This is not about religion. Former Philippine immigration commissioner Andrea Domingo told me: “Their goal is world dominion, and they are using religion as the battle cry.”
What Pakistan’s former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, told me decades before her death formed my paradigm for analyzing al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden: “He was able to tap different youths in different regions on different issues by pegging it all as a war between Islam and the West, but in fact, he was damaging the regional conflicts for his own agenda, which was to topple important Muslim countries and seize power for himself.”

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