Wednesday, April 06, 2016

A Reminder who the bad guys are


via Belmont club.

who reminds the clueless: Destroying nuclear weapons or WMD is not about destroying the hardware, but about removing the ruthless who would use them.

As a practical matter Assad and Saddam, rather than the aluminum tubes, were the WMD programs. If one wants to control the WMD danger, the only chance is to control bias, not things.  It is the toxic regimes of MENA and the proliferation of toxic ideologies which most menace the world.
of course, this reality check won't be noticed by the PC types, where war is peace, civilization defending itself is brutality and brutality by the PC is good....

President Obama got it exactly wrong when he argued in a Washington Post op-ed that "as the only nation ever to use nuclear weapons, the United States has a moral obligation to continue to lead the way in eliminating them."  What he should have written instead was "as the only nation ever to refrain from using nuclear weapons gratuitously when it had the monopoly on such weapons, the United States has the moral authority to lead the way in regulating them."

What gives the US moral authority is bias, the improbability of it using nuclear weapons in time of peace.  You can be sure the USAF won't nuke Chicago, or Brussels or Kampala tomorrow, even if it physically could, because of civilizational bias. The reason why Obama's unilateral reductions in the American nuclear arsenal as gestures to nuclear disarmament are meaningless is because he's not actually reducing any of the risk.  All the danger is on the other side, where the bias goes the other way for aggression, conquest and world domination.  That is what he seems unable to reduce.

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