Thursday, April 07, 2016

Corruption Headlines below the fold

StrategyPage on the use of poison gas by Syria, and more recently by ISIL.

Austin Bay of SP says the Panama papers remind one thata lot of politicians are corrupt

 Clients include companies and individuals sanctioned and blacklisted by the US government for doing business with drug cartels, terrorist organizations and rogue nations. Some files address "the offshore holdings of drug dealers, Mafia members, corrupt politicians and tax evaders..."
Such awkward revelations. Yes, crooked politicians worldwide -- many of them staunch socialists, government interventionists and populists! -- filch millions of dollars, billions in some cases, via graft, extortion, bribery or outright theft. Then they stash their dirty money in hidden bank accounts and trusts.
something to remember the next time you hear about climate reparations to small countries: much of it will only make the crooks rich, not help the poor.

Even help for our typhoon victims ended up being stolen.

well, duh.


Cannibis use in pregnancy linked to low birth rate.
of course, so does alcohol and crystal meth...

Bangladesh dug deep wells to stop diarrhea deaths and ended up with an arsenic poisoning epidemic. This story is 20 years old...
But why hasn't the arsenic been purified out of the water? AlJ quotes Human Rights watch, who point out the problem is Corruption...

more HERE

AlJ will be releasing a video on the Duterte campaign for the Philippine presidency.

Filipinos love an action man, not just in the movies but in politics too. And you can't get more of an action man than politician Rodrigo Duterte.
His hometown, Davao City, was once a violent no-go area overrun by criminals. But he turned it around when he became mayor, wielding brutal tactics including, allegedly, death squads.
of course, he'll probably lose

But to put it into perspective: Here in the north, our politicians have private armies that kill their political opponants, not thugs.

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