Monday, April 11, 2016

Family news

Granddaughter Ruby will go to an awards type banquet with her team that won the tourism promotion contest.

Other teams who won various projects will do the same.

Entrepeneurships awards. Do they do these things in US schools? I seem to remember "Junior achievement" doing such things...

Her parents went with her and they'll be there all day since she has to get her hair done, etc. before the program.

I am home watching the business compound. The workers are busy, fixing farm machinery etc. Since no one is here, I am cleaning the fridge and having the insulating strip on my refrigerator glued back on.

I also bought some used clothes at the palenke, some flowers for Lolo's grave at the cemetary, and groceries etc.

I still have to hit the hardware store for miscellaneous things, and send Sister in Africa some money to help her siblings school fees, but I'll do that after lunch.

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