Friday, April 08, 2016

mentioning the unmentionable

Bill Clinton has another Sister Solja moment..(viaInstapundit:)

WOW, NO WONDER OBAMA CALLED HIM A RACIST IN 2008:Bill Clinton: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters Are Defending Murders And Drug Dealers.

the world still hasn't discussed the implications of Pope Benedict's Regensburg address was about logic's place in the world. LINK

One of the basic theses presented by Benedict at Regensburg was that how we understand God’s nature has implications for whether we can judge particular human choices and actions to be unreasonable. Thus, if reason is simply not part of Islam’s conception of the Divinity’s nature, then Allah can command his followers to make unreasonable choices, and all his followers can do is submit to a Divine Will that operates beyond the categories of reason.
but he also pointed a finger at the West.

That irrationality is loose and ravaging much of the West—especially in those institutions which are supposed to be temples of reason, i.e., universities—is hard to deny. Take, for instance, those presently trying to turn Western educational institutions into one gigantic “safe space.” In this cocoon, those who maintain, for instance, that gender theory fails basic tests of logic, or that the welfare state has negative cultural effects, or that not all forms of inequality are in fact unjust (to name just some propositions which many today consider offensive), are regularly designated as haters” or some word to which the suffix “phobe” is attached. 

the Muslim shopkeeper in the UK who wished a Happy Easter to his Christian neighbors was killed for it.

But he was an Ahmedi Muslim. They are Islamic reform movement, trying to bring Islam back to the early days of the religion, when following God and peace were the aims of Islam.

That is why they are being actively persecuted in Pakistan by terrorists.


are you tired of the PC Bathroom war againts modesty and safety?

Reality check:
Prekerfuffle statistics on what bathrooms women would avoid has this dirty little secret:

36 percent of women would avoid unisex bathrooms

20 percent of women avoid using gas station restrooms (which often are on the side or back of the facility, where a criminal could attack you).

10-20 percent of women avoid all public restrooms.

Transgender people make up 0.3% of the population.

 But perverts are a dime a dozen, and no one wants to admit that this law will quickly be exploited by perverts  (or simply by mischevious teenage  peeping Toms) pretending to be transgender people.

and this doesn't include the toilet seat problem (men, ask your wives).

Which is why I am boycotting paypal.--

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