Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New York Values

So far, the NY primary reports on Drudge say Clinton and Trump got most of the votes.

Yes. New York Values.

Cruz blew it when he ridiculed "New York Values", implying the immorality of what he thinks is Time Square .

But Cruz also forget that Time Square not only has porn, but has a huge Pentecostal church, and that New York Values include not only the naked cowboy strumming his guitar (while good people ignore him with an easy going tolerance) but the 300 plus rescuers who lost their lives in the Twin Tower terrorist attack.

what Cruz should have said is "Chicago values".

However, I'm not sure how Bernie lost the primary. Again, maybe it is because college kids and upper east side socialist sympathizers are not as numerous as blue dog Democrats, inner city blacks, immigrants, and union workers.

but all this bodes well for a President Clinton II...

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