Saturday, April 02, 2016

Non Humans invited to rally against trump

In case the tweet link disappears, it says they plan a rally against Trump, saying: "we welcome non people of colour allies but the rally will be a POC safe space"...

Yes, all non people who oppose Trump are welcome at Emory student rally...

(for those who are ESL students, the correct grammar is "People of non colour" not "non people",. In English, the modifier is put in front of the noun it is describing... so non people,  implies animals or extraterrestrials, and the adjectival phrase "of colour" describes the noun, which here is "non people.

or as the Professor said: Bless me! What ARE they teaching students in school today?

now, would someone tell me why college snowflakes have "safe spaces" but modest women are not allowed a safe space in the toilet?

anyone? Anyone?


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