Friday, April 22, 2016

The Sargent Shultz Casino heist

Sargent Shultz was a character in the comedy series Hogan's Heroes, whose managed to survive by not noticing what was going on.

We need to call it the "I see nothing...nothing" casino heist after him, because so many people involved deny they noticed anything unusual going on.

the Bangldesh/Philippine casino heist was probably Chinese in origin, and the money slipped to China and will never be returned.

local Chinoy involved does a Sargent ShultzI see nothing, nothing...

winning and losing and collecting billions of dollars? No problem...

the money was removed from the US Federal Bank in NYCity... apparantly they didn't see anything wrong until the 5th withdrawal occurred.

A lot of money is involved in the casino operations, and it is enabled by the climate of corruption here in the Philippines.

No one does anything wrong. They are given a "gift". They don't want to ask questions of their friends and/or relatives.

And with all the time that the investigation is taking, the money is probably well laundered and hidden in China, and the guilty will manage to hide in plain sight.

Not everyone took gifts to look away when money was stolen/diverted...some just encouraged the casinos to be built, and local operators to bring high rollers to the area. Other politicians and gov't workers just didn't get around to tightening the laws to discourage money laundering.

and they see nothing either.

From the

After the hearing, Osmeña identified three groups likely involved in the scam, apparently based on information gathered so far by the committee.
He said the first group was made up of those who stole “the code and information” at the Bangladesh central bank.
“This kind of group, they sell the information and then another group comes in to do the actual hacking (of the money in the bank),” Osmeña said.
The second group was responsible for hacking the computer of the New York bank and had made arrangements first in Manila on who would receive the transferred money and who would launder the money, according to Osmeña.
“And the actual laundering is in the third group … the Philippine group,” the senator said.
At the hearing, Osmeña asked Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas officer in charge (OIC) Nestor Espenilla Jr. to make an informal inquiry into why the Federal Reserve Bank of New York did not ask Philippine authorities about the $81 million  stolen from it.

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there are a lot of Filipino establishment big shots involved in this indirectly, which explains why they have coopted the PC and SJW in Manila to try to destroy Duterte over a bad (rape) joke. (I'd have to explain the culture to show why this was merely a complement on the beauty of the woman who was killed, and not an anti woman joke. Filipinos joke about everything to defuse anger and emotions, including in tragic situations such as the one he was discussing).

Shem to the SJW patsies: because essentially they are helping to distract the public from the very real problem of corruption that is the main concern of ordinary folks.

this StrategyPage article is mainly about the WOT here etc but includes this line

The anti-corruption effort is accelerating with senior government officials and politicians being prosecuted for actions that, for decades, were known but could not be stopped because the justice system and police were also corrupt. That has been changing, mainly because of growing public anger and the ability to get around often corrupt mass media to circulate news of corrupt activities via the Internet.
this explains why there is an attempt to include the law of "libel" for internet bloggers etc.

Often to translate who is doing what, you have to know who they are related to, and also read behind the lines to figure out what is being said against them.

Many SJW types oppose Duterte for his skirting the law on getting justice done, and prefer the more staid Poe, who also has a reputation for being a reformer.

but when crime here in our city against middle class types is skyrocketing, and when politicians call down hits on their political rivals so they can continue to steal/divert money into their own pockets, and when murders take place but families wait years for justice, then maybe one is happy when the cops kill a local thief or kidnapper instead of a formal arrest.

the election is the elites in the cities vs the non elites in the provinces, but since the elite's favorites have low numbers, maybe the election here could be better summarized as the dual of the outsiders/reformers: the American girl vs the macho mayor: LINK

if you want to follow the latest timeline on the heist, Rappler has a long summary. most of it from March

My favorite "I see nothing" was the broken computer in Bangladesh, so no one printed out the "what's going on here" notice from the US Feds.

But what about that part about the Fed?

Why didn't the Feds in NYC notice?


if it is blamed on a hack, shouldn't their cyber experts be fired?

Of course, since my US government personnel file was  hacked by the Chinese, maybe cybersecurity is a joke...

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