Sunday, April 24, 2016

The WMD lie may bite back

The meme that Bush lied about WMD has been repeated so often that people think it is true.

The real lie, however, may be that there has been a coverup of the WMD: that a lot were carted to Syia before the war, and that a lot of active nerve gas and "yellow cake" were found by soldiers, and the CIA bought a lot of such weapons from locals to get them out of circulation.

LINK has a summary.

The question is: Why was this covered up?

Probably for the same reason that Obama and Hillary covered up the CIA action in Benghazi, (where a similar mop up of weapons and WMD was being done, with some of them diverted to pro democracy rebels in Syria via Turkey)

In all these cases, getting publicity would have gotten a lot more folks in the CIA etc. killed.

but the real danger is that some are still there, for ISIS to use against civilian targets in Syria or Europe.

But of course, the rumors get out anyway and distorted on conspiracy sites on both sides of the political spectrum.

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