Friday, April 01, 2016

Weird stuff in the news, as

Father Z reports that the Vatican news story on Pope Francis' new "inclusive" foot washing on Holy Thursday still discriminates:

The traditional requirement for twelve men will be discontinued as an impediment to the inclusiveness of the ceremony. People of all nationalities, religions and sexes are now encouraged to participate.
Applications are invited from marginalised or disadvantaged groups worldwide. Priority will be given to the differently abled. All applicants are respectfully reminded that they should have at least one functioning foot.
Douglas Bader could not be reached for comment...

Goodbye Riceballs and dried fish.
YUM! Hamburgers!

StrategyPage has an article about MRE's, and how the Asian military is copying American military food preparation.


Stephen Curry turns down a Nike endorsement to have his logo on a different sneaker.
GetReligion notes that the MSM ignored the religion backstory of the deal.
But a more important story is being ignored: Nike, by dropping Manny Paquiao for criticizing gay promiscuity here, has sent a "headsup" that Christian athletes are not welcome.

so Nike's new slogan: Sweatshops good, Christians bad?


The "don't bite the hand that feeds you" story off the day:
Instapundit reports Starbucks chairman calls for civility, 
 No, it has nothing to do with the bottom line.

PJMedia thinks maybe they jumped the shark when they went overboard supporting the astroturfed BLM kerfuffle.

Even a far left columnist at NBC, ...thinks that Starbucks attempting to "start a dialogue" about racial "awareness" is a pretty dumb idea:
Just saying
People tend to get nasty, when all they want is a cup of Columbian roast, and you give them your take on Ferguson.

The "what does not kill me makes me stronger" post of the week:

Oh, the wonders of camplobacter infected raw milk

related item: If your deli doesn't clean your meat slicer, you are at risk for Listeria.

Blame the dirt story of the day:

HomoHobbitus went extinct 50 thousand years ago, not 11 thousand years ago. more HERE.

Apparently the dirt moved around, and the old bones were covered with newer dirt. They redid the dig and found the rest of the bones were in older dirt, that had not moved.


Depressed rats respond to psychotherapy

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