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ElenaMariaVidal has a new book out about Marie Antoinette, rejecting the smear propaganda done by the revolutionaries to push their agenda.


David Reneke worries Trump will destroy NASA.

None of the three major candidates for the Oval Office have made a commitment to a radically expanded space program, but the two Democrats appear more willing than the presumptive Republican nominee to continue looking outward to the future of human beings in space.Source:  Nature World News
 Obama has already started outsourcing space to the private sector.
And I suspect whoever wins will do the same, albeit the money and resources for a Mars Mission might require NASA in charge...


I am old enough to remember when "natural" fructose was pushed as being better for you than evil sugar.

Now apparently it is the cause of every evil disease of civilization.

Long discussion HERE notices the conclusions may be based on bad data, and that the decrease in high Fructose use since the dietnazis got on the case has not resulted in any less obesity.

the problems include huge dosages might not correleate with the real world, bad data collecting, and population bias.

For example, saying vegetarians live 3.6 years longer than meat eaters doesn't take into consideration that vegetarians often are disciplined people who have good genes, exercize, don't over eat, don't drink or smoke or die with a DUI.

the problem of overeating rich foods leading to obesity, gout and health problems has been known for a couple of milleneum. LINK a simple diet and exercize are better than pills.

Heh. there is now a "hippocrates diet" based on uncooked vegan wheat grass sprouts and algae.

Uh, fellahs, that's not what the ancient Greeks ate back then...

and when I see sprouts, I think: E Coli...


Remember a few days ago I posted sarcasm about Poe's plan to give all the kids here in the Philippines school lunches? I noted she lived in the US too long to recognize that much of the funding would be diverted.

Well LATimes has an article about school kids in Brazil protesting a diversion of their lunch money.

Over the last few months, state police investigators and prosecutors have found the “Lunch Money Mafia” overpaid food providers in exchange for bribes, and it's believed the school nutritional system lost millions. No criminal charges have been filed so far.
At the same time, students report missing or inadequate food, and surveys of nutritionists by local media found overwhelming evidence that students did not always have healthy portions.

That's how things work in the third world. (Brazil is now in danger of implosion because of a huge corruption scandal...and if you think capitalist Brazil is full of corruption, just look at Venezuela.)


the Iran deal: smoke and mirrors? 

the Diplomad noted last year the lack of hard data in the past (such as did anyone actually sign anything?)

I asked repeatedly that we be shown the signatures; I wanted to see where the Iranians had agreed to what the White House was saying. There were, of course, no signatures, and when the Iranians talked about the deal they made quite clear that they did not agree with the White House version. The so-called deal was a dangerous scam by which Obama could release billions of dollars to the Iranian regime, stab Israel in the back, and destroy decades of US foreign policy--oh, and, of course, claim a legacy of having solved the apparently intractable problem of Iranian nukes . . . by letting the Iranians have nukes and lying about it.
I'm a little less sarcastic: better the Mullahs running the place than ISIS. (yes, I know: Israel. But the Mullahs won't nuke Israel because they are greedy corrupt SOB's and know that Israel will nuke them back and there goes the sweet life).

But I do wonder: was this a scam in exchange for loot, or because President Obama has a template to follow, or was there stuff going on we don't know about in the Middle East and it was an undercover way to push one group in Syria's civil war over another one? LINK

and of course, once Trump comes in, he can join with Putin and clean up the place (yes I am being sarcastic).


Canada has a huge wild fire requiring a small city to be evacuated. It is in the area of the oil sands, but has not reached the pumping area which is considered safe. So it is not thought to be related to them (the oil business is in a slump right now and this fire won't help the Canadian economy).

we have relatives in nearby Edmonton.

there fires are not that unusual in the west, where the climate has been drying for a couple of hundred years. The dead trees fall and stay there, meaning unless they burn off the dead wood with small fires, it is a tinderbox. But setting backfires can backfire:  the Los Alamos fire in 2000 is an example.

In my prayers.

related item: BBC notes that when given 15 minutes to pack, people bring along some strange items.

Mathphobia strikes again:

Math professor taken from plane because he was scribbling numbers on a piece of paper, and lady thught he was a terrorist.

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