Friday, June 24, 2016

Family news

Brownout yesterday...they are placing higher poles for the electric lines.

There is so much traffic now that they made main street one way, meaning the trucks now detour around our street to get through town. (In the past, they only did this when the road was being fixed etc).

The electric wires frequently get snagged by the rice trucks. Indeed, I shudder when I see these trucks with the staff sitting on top of the rice bags, and worry that one might stand up and get killed. So far that hasn't happened, but last year a half dozen men were killed nearby when one rice truck got in an accident and they were thrown off it into the street.

Here, no one uses safety helmets. Of course, the tricycles and motorcycles don't go very fast, but I shudder when I see a 2 year old in front of his father on a motorcycle. 

One good thing is that the local drainage ditch is now covered. The bad news is that some of the neighbors no longer have their septic tank drainage attached to the new ditch.

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