Saturday, June 04, 2016

Here Fishy fishy fishy

Mom Jones has an article for US readers on the lack of inspections on imported fish.

No, not my expertise: We eat local fish, usually freshwater fish that are farmed locally, and also dried seafish and fresh shell fish.

But note this:

Though fish farming historically has a bad rap—mostly based on mistakes made by massive unregulated fish farms in Asia—aquaculture is undergoing something of a renaissance in the United States. Fish farmers control every step of the growing process, which makes it easier for interested farmers to raise food in an environmentally friendly fashion. 
can you say: China, children? article from Epochtimes notes the problem: Pollution and dangerous germs in the fish farms, not to mention lots of antibiotics trying to keep the fish alive..

and StrategyPage note: China is flouting the laws of the sea by illegal fishing,  and they often use their navy in cooperation to chase locals out of fishing grounds for locals, not just here in the West Philippine sea:

This sort of illegal fishing is a worldwide problem and Chinese trawlers are probably the biggest offenders. In waters closer to China there will often be Chinese warships near areas where Chinese trawlers fish illegally. This sometimes becomes a problem as Chinese warships will often try to rescue Chinese trawlers seized for illegal fishing. This doesn’t always work but it sets a scary y . This has happened several times in Indonesian waters, even in areas where China does not dispute ownership. China justifies their armed intervention because the Chinese trawlers were in “traditional Chinese fishing grounds.” 

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