Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Medical blog links

Recent rants on my medical blog:

cell phones and cancer of the brain?.

statistical question if headlines about mice was correct.

..The war against Zika doing it right

Mom Jones discusses how they are taking mosquito control so seriously they are breaking into houses for inspection.
On the other hand, poor countries often have low water pressure (or none at all part of the day) so everyone keeps an open bucket or two to use...and it only takes a day or two before the mosquito wrigglers are growing in the water.

The time of month in Africa

Our women used dirty rags in Africa. And in some countries they still do the Biblical thing (Rachel reference here) and stay in a separate house.
With numerous pregnancies and long breast feeding, the problem was not acute, but what about teenagers in school nowadays?

Dog delusions

The next delusion. Or is it a sexual fetish? MSM of course.

Herbs: popular and sometimes dangerous

it's the dosage problem: leaves grown in shade have less active ingredients (which is why your local marijuana is probably grown inside under artificial lighting), and of course, it's harder to get the recipe to mix things right.

The good news is that most herbs are weak, so they usually work by placebo effect.

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