Sunday, June 26, 2016

Rewrite the script: The times they are a-changing

StrategyPage has an article on the FARC truce in Colombia

Rewrite your screenplay, Hollywood. Colombia is safer and thriving but socialist Venzuela is falling apart.


AP:Vote Leave supporters celebrated their victory at Westminster on Friday

BBC surveys some ordinary voters who supported Brexit. All cite the EU bureaucracy bullies as the reason.

Soros is angry about it.

Mr Soros made huge profits in 1992's "Black Wednesday" by betting against the British pound as it crashed out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. Before Friday's vote he warned of a similar meltdown, predicting a Brexit victory would send the pound down by 15-20%. In the event, sterling fell about 10% to a 31-year low. 
translation: Expect him and his friends to cause a stock market collapse to punish those pesky voters.

And this makes me wonder:

2 million petition to rehold the election.

EPA: Protest at Westminister

ah but the petition was on a government website,,, meaning it could be spammed by special interest groups. Report here notes you only have to give your email and your postal code and say you are a citizen.

What could go wrong?

Heck, even a lowly grandmother like myself has three email accounts (one private, one public, and a google email so I can blog).

Indeed, to get that many signers so quickly suggests a prearranged organization is behind it, similar to the Facebook two minute hate stuff.

but ordinary people don't do such things. We have a life.

and two cartoons show the contrast between how it is viewed by the elites

and by the ordinary blokes:

In our prayers: A tornado and hail storm hit China, injuring many.
And they had major flooding last week.


President Rody isn't even in yet, but it's open season on drug dealers.

No one is crying: These bozos are behind a lot of the street crime.

and they even arrested a rich UK drug dealer (who in the past would have gotten off with a small gift). Ignore the headlines: there is no death penalty in the Philippines...yet.


Dining in the days of government regulations:

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