Thursday, June 30, 2016

Slippery slope? Nah driving off a cliff (rant)

BabyTrudeau, who has just passed an extensive euthanasia bill that so far won't let doctors and nurses "opt out" is now a Comic book hero in the Mavel universe.

California not only is legalizing suicide (but not yet forcing doctors to do it) is considering passing a bill to legalize "recreational" marijuana, as if the "medical" shops don't already sell it to anyone who wants it.

If this doesn't remind one of the "cheap gin" sold in London slums to discourage riots, then try googling that... Pushing alcohol also worked with the Irish and the AmerIndians to keep them from fighting back, and I won't even get into the conspiracy theories of Bush I and Clinton pushing cocaine in the black inner city (albeit if you change the word pushing to looking the other way, you might not get an argument from me).

Bread and circuses, and if that doesn't work, try getting them drunk/stoned so they don't care.

The Supreme court decided that Abortion clinics are not allowed to be forced to hold to the standards of other surgical centers (Joan Rivers alert for what happens when minor surgery with light anesthesia is done improperly).

President Obama decides a gay bar is a cultural heritage site.

Apparently gays saw health code and vice squad regulations shutting down bars and bathhouses that encouraged multiple encounters with unknown partners as "discrimination", so their objections are now considered a triumph for "diversity", never mind the HIV, STD and Hep B epidemics that resulted..."love wins" is the propaganda, but the reality is sex triumphs everything, including public health.

And the Supreme court refused to interfere with a law mandating that all pharmacies carry abortion pills. Yes, individual pharmacists can opt out (dang that civil rights law of 1964 still protects them even though President Obama removed the HHS regulations protecting medical personnel). However, if you own a pharmacy, tough shit cookie.

In the meanwhile, California is pushing a law to make religious colleges pay for abortion, while by adding "abortion" to mandated health care, Catholics including churches will be forced to pay for them.

And I won't even go into the remaking the military to be politically correct (ignoring Grecham's law)

on the other hand, Gresham's law seems to be taking over the entire country, at least if one reads the papers.

Out with those who work hard, stay sober, are faithful, and believe in God. Replaced by the "new" currency of welfare for the "poor", importing cheap workers who won't complain if they live in poverty, encourage promiscuity, and limit freedom of religion to "freedom of worship",meaning you can go to church on Sunday, but heaven help you if you live your religious convictions outside of church.

in the meanwhile, the racial polarization started by Soros' money and Obama's minions as BLM is getting worse, and the discontented are backing Trump, who in effect say racism? I'll give you racism.

I have to laugh at the NYT publishing Bernie spilling the beans on what is going on. Heck, this entire agenda was outlined in a book by Robert Reich before he was made sect of labor under Clinton...yet not one labor leader seemed to connect the dots that maybe he wasn't their best friend.

In summary, Grescham's law is taking over the USA

alas, that means these things will be pushed all over the world with the hint if you don't go along with it, we will cut your aid money

Since the aid money goes straight into the politician's pockets, this does make them pay attention.

In the meanwhile, instead of pointing out right and wrong and the loveliness of an ethical life, the Pope is busy apologizing to sinners (or maybe the translation was fuzzy: those with same sex attraction or homosexuals can be good Catholics but the word "gay" implies one involved in the gay lifestyle, which is something different altogether).

The church will now promote the idea that Christianity is about "mercy" and stress falling in love with Jesus, (and caring for Gaia) not with living an ethical life.

Yes, trying to coop the warm fuzzy of the "Love God and he'll make you rich" or some of the "pentecostals" and liberal churches who love jesus but don't bother to scare away their members with dogma and rules, and "new age I'm- spiritual not religious" types.

So now I put up with a "god made me this way and he loves me" as the explanation why all my husband's hard earned money is being wasted and I am forced to support his family.

Well, God made me a confucian curmudgean, and I say the hell with being polite.

end rant

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