Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Stories below the fold

Headlines tend to be bunk, but the stories explaining what is going on are there if you look for them.

Remember the bank heist that sent Bangladesh's money to the Philippines then to Chinese gamblers then probably to China? Why did the Federal Bank in NYC allow it to be sent? 

Reuters Story hints many of the tries were stopped but no one figured out it the repeated requests might have been criminals, not mistyped requests.

I wonder if anyone is checking where the money went after it left the Philippines?

related story for later reading: NYTimes article on the Panama papers.

StrategyPage summarizes the history of militant Islam, which alas goes back to it's founder, and the present day Jihad that owes it's life to Saudi oil money.

Islam has variations, and the more benign forms i.e. Sufiism, picked up the "personal relationship with the deity" idea from Hinduism, but the "rule oriented" stuff from Saudi that includes killing infidels is tainting the religion as a whole.... and will continue to do so until there is a reformation.


Didn't Nixon get into trouble for this?


Damian Thompson asks: Is the Pope Catholic? Father Z discusses.


none of these stories are new, of course: I've posted about them before.

But it's better than reading the latest fiction about  Hillary vs Bernie or how Trump will destroy the world.

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