Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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2500 join in funeral of drug lord in Cebu.

well whey not? he made millions, spread misery, and death, but hey, once in awhile he'd give you 5 kg of rice (about 5 dollars worth).

and besides: marchers were paid 500 pesos (12 dollars) a piece to march in the funeral procession (minimum wage is 600 a day here, but many don't earn that much).

and of course, like our murderous ex mayor, or like the Mafia in the USA, he was buried after a Catholic funeral mass....


Who is helping with the burials and/or hospital bills of the Orlando Victims who were undocumented resident?

Hispanics in Florida are usually Cubans or Colombians, but the article notes many of the victims were PuertoRicans. A local commenter on FR notes that despite it's reputation as a gay nightclub, that a lot of non gays went there for the dancing and music.

But of course, if you notice it was terrorism, how could you use the atrocity to blame the Republicans or pressure the Catholic church to change it's moral rules on sexuality?

However, Al qaeda noticed and has instructed it's minions to start shooting straight white people.. presumably  in order that they can't be accused of hate crimes.

and authorities worry more soft targets will be hit in the near future:

The Abu's here are aiming at surfer and diver resorts....

and the French will have armed police on their beaches this summer.

Egypt air's black boxes are found, and the French will investigate the crash as a crime, not a terrorist attack, presumably taking treebeard's advice: "don't be hasty"

I'ts going to be a long summer: headlines now are saying that there was an attack in Istanbul airport.


they are working on a Zika vaccine.

maybe in a year or two.

remembering one hero in the Battle of the Somme:

Sgt Quigg was awarded the Victoria Cross in July 1916 after spending seven hours making forays into no man’s land to bring back wounded comrades during the Battle of the Somme.

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