Monday, July 18, 2016

China's economic war against poor people

StrategyPage has an article on China's fishing in other people's waters.

Indonesia is fighting back. 

In the case of Indonesia the fighting back consists of shooting at poachers and, since 2014, destroying (via explosives or burning) over 170 ships used by guilty poachers. Indonesia calculates that this poaching costs Indonesia over $2 billion a year and that China’s worldwide poaching operation brings in over $20 billion a year. Since China does not officially admit it is organizing and controlling this, and the Indonesians are using large warships with orders to fire on any poacher caught and refusing to surrender, the Chinese are taking most of the losses off Indonesia. For a while China sent warships to accompany flotillas (often ten or more ocean going fishing ships) and protect the poachers if caught and keep the police or coast guard boats busy while the poachers escaped. But Indonesia responded by sending out warships (corvettes and frigates) with orders to fire on any foreign warships caught with the poachers. China stopped sending warships but the poachers kept on coming and Indonesia keeps capturing and prosecuting the crews.

Argentina has also captured these illegal fishing vessels.

If the Philippines had done this, we wouldn't have airstrips and military bases in international waters. Did President Obama pressure PNoy not to defend our waters? Who knows?

And this article is about China's neocolonialism in Africa.

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