Friday, July 08, 2016

Family news

The school year is starting, so Ruby and her mom went to Manila for various meetings yesterday. They will return on Saturday.

She home schools, but is supervised by this school.

I also went shopping... It is hard to find clothing that fits, but I bought four pants that I badly need...when I got home, two fit and two were tight. Oh well...since they cost a dollar a piece I'll give the away. I gained 20 pounds when Lolo was sick, from lack of exercize, and haven't lost it yet.

The grocery store around the corner went under, and is being replaced by another company. Sad. The problem is that the Palenke is larger now, so the food is usually bought there. The new palenke includes a bodega like store (so their book and stationary store, and their hardware stores went broke two years ago). But many middle class go to the mall for a larger selection now.

Sigh. I did go to the alternative store about two blocks away. Unlike the one that shut, which had shelves and was clean like a US store, this one is dark, crowded, and has fewer choices. But since I usually only buy coffee (including "3 in 1" packets for the staff), no problem.

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