Friday, July 29, 2016

Martyrs, we haz that

TeaatTrianon has a link to several essays saying that the priest murdered by ISIS in France should be acclaimed a martyr.

 more HERE. and HERE.

I have no problem with that.

My only criticism is that this is not exactly new, nor is it, alas rare.

But then the 37 plus missionaries killed when I worked in Africa were killed, not by Muslims, but by a group of "insurgents" funded by the World Council of Churches, so probably no one wants to write those murders up as martyrs or saints, because it might embarass the PC...

At least one odd lay missionary killed during those time is considered a saint by the local people. And when I say "odd", I mean shellshocked guy. a hanger-on, whom the Jesuits found a job to keep him busy. And I found it interesting that the locals decided he, not the bishop or priests or nuns killed, was the one worthy of being proclaimed a saint. I suspect it was his humility, since we professional do gooders tended to be arrogant SOB's.

I often criticize the Pope and his SJW minions for talking of "mercy" for sociopaths instead of trying to reach out and preach repentence to ordinary people caught in the culture of sin, as many Pentecostal etc. churches are doing.

But of course, this does not mean we do not have good priests and layworkers who do risk their lives doing  just that. And I do know that telling people there is mercy and forgiveness for their (often horrendous) sins is the first step to encourage them to reform.

Reuters has an article about a Catholic outreach to gang members in Mexico. Go read the whole thing.

It's been 50 years since this type of evangelism has gotten attention in the media (the cross and the switchblade was the story back then), even though many pastors and priests are active in this type of ministry.

But now that type of outreach is probably more dangerous.

It's not just ISIS: As Borderlandbeat notes: dozens of Catholic priests have been murdered in Mexico (and this doesn't include those priests, laypeople and pastors killed in Colombia, where FARC once kidnapped an entire church congregation).

the lost heep badly need a shepherd, and yes, there are shepherds trying to find them, (although alas they are too few).

And when they are killed, the world doesn't go out and say: Martyr.

The martyred French priest seems to be a humble guy willing to work after retirement in a parish that mainly served immigrants from Senegal. I am sure he is a saint, and not just because he met martyrdom at the hands of two mixed up kids.

Yes, mixed up kids.

as David Warren noted:

Hardly to my surprise, I learn that the latest murderous adolescents were problems for the state’s social services long before they were “radicalized.” ... His confusion is exacerbated by the deconstruction of all cultures in the contemporary West: the loss of continuity in custom and governing norms. He becomes a different kind of Muslim from his parents, who can’t understand him. In many mosques, financed by the oil-monied Wahabis, the worst features of Islam are emphasized. The Islamists do much recruiting there, and also in prisons: like the Communists before them, they are looking for psychoses to exploit. And of course, the Internet is a great boon, to all of satanic tendency.

The same thing could be said about kids joining gangs, be they Mexico or Los Angeles CA... or the kids on the Res for that matter (our res had a major school shooting after I moved to a warmer climate: The kid was into NeoNazi stuff on the internet, but his history of abuse and family breakdown were the real reason behind the murders).

The scarred and broken are the lost sheep to be healed.

But I do hope there is a hell, not for the mixed up kids seduced by the culture of murder, but for those who push the idea that it is okay to kill in the name of "Good", and those who applaud these architects of death (did I read right, that a woman proclaimed she had an abortion and was applauded at the DNC? ).

and those who push murder as something good, while sitting in their comfortable offices, are the ones who deserve punishment, but instead will die in their beds hailed as heroes.

Question: Will the author and director of "Me before you" take responsibility for the mass murders in Japan, by a guy who thinks they are "better off dead"? NDY knows the handicapped who are murdered are not called martyrs by the MSM, who instead publishes sympathetic peons to those who kill them...

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