Thursday, July 14, 2016

Some people who didn't get the "spread the hate" message

Dallas news report

Screen capture from a video by staff writer Hannah Wise of protesters, counterprotesters and police coming together at the end of a protest Sunday afternoon

'Lives matter; we are all Americans': 
Dallas protesters, counterprotesters come together with police

After an hour of standing on opposite sides of the street, leaders of the two groups came together. Sgt. Jeff Hall, a 27-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, brokered the peace...
'We are not against each other, we are all on the same page," Morrison said. "Black Lives Matter does not mean all lives don't matter. It just means that black lives are being taken at an alarming rate."  Morrison's boyfriend, Samuel Barnes, shared a similar message. "Lives matter. Just lives matter," he said. "Not black lives or all lives - lives matter. We are all Americans. We are all children of God."
Joseph Offut, a counterprotester wearing a shirt that said "Red White Blue," said what happened Thursday was "unrelated to the cause."...
"Today we mark history, today we're going to show the rest of the country how we came together," he said.."We need that dialog so we can get understanding,"...
 Then the men and women grasped hands, bowed heads and prayed..

read the whole thing.
Headsup Baldilocks.

And the brother of Instapundit has an essay in USAToday about the siren song of hatred.

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