Saturday, July 23, 2016

The new elite who run the world

A lecture from the UK Univ of Bath:

In this IPR Public Lecture Professor Janine Wedel - IPR Global Chair and Professor in the School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs at George Mason University - introduces a new breed of influence elite that has emerged over the past several decades. 
In contrast to the 'power elites' described by sociologist C. Wright Mills a half century ago, she argues, the muscle of today’s influence elites resides at least as much in social networks as in command-and-control bureaucracy. 
These novel elites are less visible, less stable, and more mobile and global in reach than their forebears. They hold sway through informal, flexible, and unaccountable means and use consulting firms, think tanks, nonprofits, and 'grassroots organisations', among other entities, as vehicles of influence, not to mention the Internet and social media. 
Professor Wedel also contends that today’s influence elites largely defy democratic oversight. link
Bernie was trying to fight this but got destroyed by the Clinton machine. Trump is left, and is using the public's frustration to get elected.

I didn't see his speech, but the MSM meme is that it was angry.

Heh. Yathink?

reminds me of this movie snip:

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