Sunday, August 14, 2016

Family news

Heavy rains for the last few days. It is "monsoon" rains, not typhoon related rain.

Some minor street flooding but not as bad as in the past, and the street in front of the Palenke is clear of water, so perhaps the newly widened (and covered) ditches are working.

Ruby is supposed to go to Manila for school exams, but Manila has a lot of flooding, (even the airport is delaying or diverting flights on and off due to poor visibility... luckily the new airport in Clark is a nearby alternative).

I went to mass at 530 am and it was half empty due to the rain. I don't know if Ruby will make it to her church or if the church meeting in our meeting room will be there.

one of the problems is that the laundress keeps putting off washing our clothes. The high humidity means they wouldn't dry inside (usually you have to iron them after they are "dry" or they are damp.... we don't use American clothes driers here).

The cook usually picks up the Pandesal (rolls) on her way here in the morning, and covers the bag with a dish. This morning she didn't use the dish, so we found the cats had munched on three of them.

We only "have" two cats (and I have two kittens in the bathroom), but we do get a lot of visitors, and one of the visiting cats has her kittens hidden in the closet somewhere. Yes, I am a regular cat lady... but no cats any more in the bedroom: Since Lolo died, I am letting George the killer Labrador sleep in the room for safety...That makes three dogs: Lolo's dog blackie who always slept at his feet, Papa dog, who started to sleep here after Mama dog died and he was lonely and now George.

We have three dogs outside, all medium sized, but if there is a stranger, they are noisy...and I walk with the large Lab daily, and he barks at tries to attack anyone getting near to us, just to let folks know we do have protection.

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