Monday, August 15, 2016

Family news

It's still raining, but not as constatntly as the last few days, so we are having the washing done.

Hope the wash manages to get dry. The Laundress is feeling better, and she will see the dermatologist today for her rash she's had for a week... I figure it is chicken pox: it started as small lesions I thought were bugs (and bought her insecticide to spray her house) but it spread, and then I found some local kids have chicken pox, so we figure it's that. Adult chicken pox is unusual, but she is a diabetic...

The Manila Bulletin has a photo of a small tornado that hit Manila yesterday, and reports are that the streets are still flooding.

The drug war is going on, and the local military base will be used for drug rehab.

The Catholic bishops are upset about the killing, of course, and the UN is aghast, but when the ex mayor's funeral was held with full catholic honors (and with the KofC) despite the fact he was under indictment for ordering a hit on his rival (where our nephew was killed in the crossfire), one can be a bit sceptical. Justice? Nope, not for the rich....

Of course, a lot of the deaths are low level dealers, and not by police but private payback by folks who figure do it yourself justice is better than none. And now some of the anti drug police are getting killed.

our local news reports on some of the local killings, most of which seems to be private payback, but not all the news is bad: The local high school kids won third place in an ASEAN science contest held in Thailand...

Sigh. Rule of law is the casualty of all of this: But when politicians use their connections to get rich, and never get arrested or convicted for their crimes because they can kill the witnesses and bribe those supposed to prosecute them, excuse my cynicism.

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