Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Family news

Ruby is going to her home school base in Manila again today.

She has entered a "short film" contest and has to finish it with her partners (they do it via Skype and the internet but it needs some hands on work).

Joy went along, and has meeting tomorrow in Manila.

They also had rice to deliver: Since my BMW car keys were taken from me, and I was told that it was not my car, they have had to commute via bus etc. which is dangerous since often they return home late in the evening. And rice delivery via bus is awkward and slow for the hired help.

But now Joy has arranged with her cousin to use his pickup truck. That makes it a lot safer and easier for all. One problem is that it is an open bed pickup truck, so they agreed she can buy a (used) camper type cover to put in the back, that will give them more room and keep the rice dry and safer.

So today the driver and helper will not only deliver rice but pick up the camper shell to see if it fits and arrange for it to be painted.

Lolo's will will go to court again next week, so hopefully we will straighten out a lot of stuff.
Right now, Joy was moved against her will to live in my house, (from their upstairs apartment) and I was told that the house is not "mine" since my name is not on it (under law, I cannot own property here).


Actually, Joy and Ruby are safer down here, with the dogs and the farm helper who sleeps in the living room with a machete for safety.

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