Saturday, August 20, 2016

Islamophobia versus modesty?

BBC article on the Burkini.

Article on Marie Clare, who has this photo to show the costume that is being banned.

I remember when ManolotheShoeBlogger had a satire on the burkini, and was quickly corrected by Orthodox Jewish women and some shy Christian women, who said they were happy to have a modest alternative.

but now Europe is getting their knickers in a knot about Muslim women on the beaches wearing a burkini... one woman even got in trouble for wearing a tee shirt and jeans into the water.

Hello: I have a pale skin that burns easily, and I have already had one skin cancer removed.

 I usually cover up with a long  loose dress and hat outside the water, but even in the water I wear a teeshirt over my modest one piece 1940's style bathing suit, to prevent sunburn.

And how many older or chubby women hesitate to go to the beach or swim in the local pool because they are not bathing beauties?


Same sex swimming was pretty well eliminated under the guise of "equality" or something, but you know, we Rubenesque older ladies prefer same sex swimming, because of fear of ridicule. But now Muslim women are asking for this to be restarted, out of modesty concerns.

Good for them. And if you open the pool to all women, you might find this preference is not "religious" discrimination.

The Marie Clare article brings up the hygiene problem of wearing ordinary clothing in pools. Fair enough. But unless you have skinny dipping, or provide swim suits (as our local YWCA used to do in the 1950's) how do you know a swim suit is clean?

You know I remember when women wore swim hats too, for hygiene purposes, because hair filled up the pumps etc. and no one got upset when women stopped wearing them.

and since when is hygiene an issue in the ocean or lakes, where fish and mammals poop and often garbage is thrown into the water nearby?

There is a difference between the religious police (or in the west, local thugs) hitting women for not covering up properly in a Muslim area, and allowing women to cover up modestly in public.

I do however had a problem with facial coverings: They are against the western idea that everyone looks each other straight in the eye, and of course, they allow thugs to pretend they are women to get away with crime.

So a private or public facilities should have the right to ban these for security reasons (many already have "no shoes no shirt no service signs from when hippies used to come in to shop or dine half naked. Just add" and let me see your face" to the signs).

Western civilization sees looking another person straight in the eye as part of a sign we are equal so covering the face is a big taboo.

 (In Africa, and traditional parts of South America children and inferiors are not supposed to hole their heads high and look you straight in the eye, because to do so would imply you were equal to them, and this was interpreted as a sign of disrespect... Even blacks in the days of Jim Crow were aware of this).

and face coverings suggest that you are a criminal, who doesn't want to be recognized.

(Which is why Stocking cap face coverings are the favorite for our drive by shooters.)

On the other hand, there are times to wear a face mask.

Here in Asia, ordinary people wear surgical masks if they are on TB treatment, or when there is an Influenza epidemic. In Minnesota, I wore a ski face mask so I would not get cold induced asthma during my walk to the hospital. Here in the Philippines, taxi and motor cycle drivers often wear such masks to keep from inhaling dirt on the back roads.

In summary, a lot of people insist Islam is a monolith and get upset at burkinis being a sign of "Islamic extremism".

But allowing shy Muslim women (not to mention shy fat women, shy old women, etc) on the beach in a modest costume is not the problem

The problem is that the Saudis are using oil money to spread their hateful version of Islam as the only "real" Islam, and essentially inspiring terrorism in the name of God.

How many years did it take the UK to jail a preacher who recruited terrorists? How many terror cells in Europe are living off of welfare while they plan attacks? And how many of the recent terror attacks were done by people known to the police, often reported to the police by their Muslim neighbors as potential problems?

The Islamophobia of the "ignorant public" is more due to the public worry about the next suicide bombing than it is about women in burkinis having a day at the beach, but since it is not PC to mention the problem of Saudi funded Mosques with Saudi trained leaders who preach extremism and recruit terrorists, this fear is not allowed to be articulated in public.... until a woman shows up in a "Muslim extremist" costume, and the pot of repressed emotions erupts.

But only Trump is crass enough to insist that people from terrorist countries need to be better screened, and that border security needs to be stronger to keep out the bad guys...and he is called a racist. Never mind.

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