Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Medical stuff

links to posts on my medical blog.

Global warming causes anthrax?

warm weather defrosted dead raindeer in Siberia. But the disease goes back a couple of millenia.

ALS or LouGehrig's disease

mainly a link to another article for later reading. The CDC is trying to document the disease to see if it is actually more common now, or just better reported. And checking if the military are affected more than the rest of the population

Polio vaccine mutations and herd immunity.

the oral vaccine can mutate and cause outbreaks if there is no herd immunity. They are now starting to give all kids at least one shot of the dead vaccine to stop this side effect, and hope to wipe out the disease completely.

Hepatitis A outbreak in Hawaii?

Who's not washing their hand properly, or is it the water?

Pharming and Chimeras

Not all experiments placing a few genes from one species into another is unethical (by Catholic and/or traditional ethics standards), but given the ethical collapse of what passes for bioethics, the practice is wrought with danger.

Microcephaly: Maybe it's not just the Zika.

The percentage of microcephaly in Brazilian pregancies was 13 plus percent, but in Colombia and Micronesian outbreaks it was only 1 percent.
Is it a different strain of virus, or was there a chemical problem in the water supply?

Herbal highs.

The latest "high" in the US is an herb sometimes used by farmers in Thailand to get energetic, but can cause abuse/ hallucinations/psychosis if overused.

The problem is not the herb per se, but the overuse of it to get high.

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