Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Mindfulness or hypnosis

The gurus of "mind body" medicine are essentially pushing hypnosis to cure people. 

When I learned medical hypnosis, we were taught that "Mindfulness", yoga, jogging, the prayer of quiet, painting, playing music, acting,and watching a movie are all forms of "deep concentration" that is physiologically related to hypnosis.

And various people have different abilities to be hypnotized. And a person's ability to be hypnotized can be measured by having them look up while closing their eyes: The amount of "white" seen during this exercize correlates with one's ability to enter into a trance state.

Artistic people tend to be easily hynotized; nerds with concrete scientific thinking are not. Most people fall into the middle catagory, where deep concentration can be taught so one can increase one's ability to use this technique.

Next time you watch a movie, check out the eyes of the actors: Many actors essentially "become" the part they play by entering into deep concentration/ trance/ "as if"...

NYTimes article on hypnosis suggests it is a neurophysiological s"betate. This has been know for years, but now the scans prove it.

a good article, but doesn't mention that the ability differs in different people.

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