Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Movie idea of the day

USA today laments that movies are too negative 

so why not remake the thoughtful films of yesteryear?

I just watched "God is Dead 2", and if it sounded familiar, it is because it is a remake of "Inherit the Wind", with out the propaganda that made the baddies look so stupid as was done in the original film. So it's an okay B film, on a subject that badly needs a decent script that discusses what is going on in Obama's America.

The film posits just quoting scripture  in the context of discussing Martin Luther King would land  you in court?

Isn't that a cultural context, so it would never happen in the USA.

UH OH: NPR laments kids learning the story of Noah's Ark.

that would be funny, except someone pressured a city a couple years ago to remove their "noah's Ark"in the park's playground. The city instead insisted it was not "religious" but celebrating environmentalism, and kept it.

so teach Gilgamesh would be okay? How about Percy Jackson? Thor? King Arthur (except as a non Christian, which he was not)?

A lot of culture depends on basic knowledge of both Christian and Greco Roman heritage. Multi culturalism insists we add Islamic culture and Confucian culture, but this means we ADD this, not push relativism that censors Christianity or portrays anyone "religious" as the same as the Taliban by cherry picking the bad sections.

and yes, the movie brought up the city insisting all pastors submit notes on their sermons: which would sound ridiculous except that this has been done in Texas... with little or no outcry outside the "religious" press.

It has been said that Christian ideas remained alive through 70 years of official atheism in Russia because these were discussed found in Tolstoy and other classic writers of that culture. One suspects that the present day elites will be better at censoring literature, making kids read pop stuff instead of the classis.

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