Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Philippine news

the big news in the Philippines was the hearing on TV complaining about the innocents killed in the drug war.

Typical story in LATimes 

notes that most of the killings were by the public, who figured they could get away with private revenge that they couldn't get with the slow and corrupt court system

and the sob story doesn't hold water:

Rivera says he never did drugs. She heard later from a local official that police had raided the subdivision seeking a suspected drug dealer. Belmonte was inside with six other people; police arrested four of them and shot three. Yet she still does not know what he was doing in the building, why he was shot, and specifically who shot him.
if you bother to read between the lines of the sob story, this was a raid on a drug den. Why was he there in the middle of the night when he was supposed to be driving a tricycle/taxi?

 One suspects he was picking up drugs to sell, or was a courier for them. And the cops didn't shoot everyone, so maybe they shot the ones who tried to flee or tried to fight back?

locals know these things, which is why Duterte is still very popular, despite the shouts of the UN, US, Catholic church, "human rights organizations" etc.

You know: The type that didn't give a damn about corrupt politicians and others who killed and then never got to court, because either they bribed their way out of it, or they terrorized the witnesses.

So the ex mayor behind our nephew's killing (a bystander when he tried to shoot his political rival) was not indicted for years because rumors said he took city money to bribe the one supposed to indict him, and when he was indicted, he "disappeared", only to be found a couple years later getting dialysis in a clinic in the Manila region. When he died, he had a full Catholic funeral, complete with the KofC honor guard.

And even though our nephew was a US Citizen, we got no help from the embassy, who advised us not to file a case but let the politician's family file one for his two dead sons. WTF? Murder is only prosecuted if you complain? How convenient.

And what about another FilAm USNavy veteran who was killed in a robbery awhile back? Nope, no problem.

Remember the Maguindanao massacre that killed 58 people, many of them journalists?

CNN Nov 2015 report:

Maguindanao massacre: 2,192 days, 0 convictions

Since the massacre happened, there have been four chiefs of the Department of Justice — Agnes Devanadera, Alberto Agra, Leila de Lima, and now Benjamin Caguiao. Meanwhile, seven prosecution witnesses have been killed. And last July 17, Andal Ampatuan Sr. died of liver cancer, leaving his son, Andal Jr., as the sole principal accused. It has been 2,149 days to since the trial started. With the trial still ongoing, there have been zero convictions.

Lots of links at the PCIJ website.

You can see why ordinary folks back Duterte.

of course one waits for the big shots to get indicted.

They are the real problem.


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