Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Shiva and CERN

When the Atomic bomb was exploded for the first time, one scientist said in awe: "I am Shiva, destroyerr of worlds".

So when the statue of Shiva was erected in front of CERN, it made me wonder why. The "official" story was that it was a gift of India, to honor the Indian scientists who worked there.

But were they using Shiva as a secular symbol, i.e. as a destroyer or worlds, or Shiva, the symbol of the dance of the universe? Since there are a million Hindus in the world, one suspects at least a few of them would consider this a holy statue of an actual deity, making one wonder why Shiva and not a Christian religious symbol was erected.

But in secular Europe, who knows.

So the latest is that a bunch of guys conducted and had themselves filmed making a fake human sacrifice in front of the statue to put it on youtube.

Were they outsiders? if so, it means a huge breach of security.

or was it a joke, as the spokesperson in CERN insists.

if so, as IndiaToday notes:

Staged or not, work of fiction or not, such a ritual being conducted at a place that is considered to be driven only by science, is spine-chilling to say the least.  

Is anyone in India upset at this blasphemy against one of the gods?

Of course, it's not much better in the US: It says a lot that you can hold a black mass that ridicules the beliefs of two billion Christians, and desecrate a statue of Mary, a woman beloved of three major world religions (Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Islam)  in the US, and when you object, be told it is legal. So locals could only protest with a prayer meeting....

and now they are essentially holding the equivalent of a black mass in front of Shiva. What, no protests? There are a billion Hindus in today' world. How dare they mock their beliefs.

One wishes the secular authorities would take these things seriously.

On a secular level, all these things are hate speech against those who believe.

Ah, but if there is a supernatural aspect of life, then this goes beyond ridicule: even if it is a "joke" or a "publicity stunt", it is still essentially welcoming the diabolic into one's life.

I would get someone to exorcize the whole place, but never mind.

at least, they should hold mandatory sessions against hate speech for their employees.

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