Thursday, August 04, 2016

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Space junk is a problem, but there is a plan to clean it up. From DavidReneke'sblog:

Funded by the European commission to the tune of around €13m (£10.9m), the RemoveDebris mission is set to be one of the world’s first mission to test systems for capturing junk in space. While a full-scale mission is likely to cost significantly more, Forshaw believes it is a necessary expense. “The reality is you are spending a small amount now to prevent huge disasters from occurring in the future,” he said. Source:  The Guardian

an alternative to MegaMaid:

hmm... in the background there is a corrider with a big sign "Area 6"... No, it's not referring to the Drone testing secret airbase in Nevada, but the Hollywood Hills area of LA where a lot of film types live.

The Good News:
StrategyPage says: No, men returning to Europe after fighting with ISIS don't commit terrorism.

The bad news: The train and recruit locals to commit terrorism.

The "Ich Klage An"/MeBeforeYou propaganda deluge continues:

Follow the money: Caring for elderly stroke victims costs (the US) 40 billion dollars. states an article in the UKMail based on a US university expert's opinion.

How did they get this figure? They estimate 11 thousand dollars a week is the price of caregiving each person.

According to numbers crunched by the University of Michigan, each of America's 6.5 million stroke survivors need around $11,000 in care and treatment each week. That accounts for 22.3 hours of help eating, bathing, cooking, cleaning, and having doctors appointments. It is a dramatic leap in cost compared to previous estimates. 
If that number sounds a bit high, it is because it calculates to over $400 dollars an hour for the caregivers.

Reality check:

Nursing homes coast about 200 dollars a day, plus more for rehab, which of course is stopped after a set time.

So that amount might be true for the acute care and rehab of a recent stroke in a nursing home, but not for chronic care, and especially not for the people cared for by family or friends at home.


I just rescued three kittens from the vacant lot, and then one of the feral cats had three kittens in the spare bedroom.

Oh well.

Cats rule.

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