Friday, August 26, 2016

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Soros organization Bribed Catholic bishops/Catholic church in USA. 

related item; The Pope always pushes sweetness and light and mainly condemns those who insist right and wrong matter and play by the rules. but Msgr Pope is warning: Stop pushing sweetness and light and open your eyes: persecution is coming.

sounds like he read Orwell's essay about the difficulty of seeing what is right in front of your nose.

AlJ wonders who is behind all the drug dealers being killed here in the Philippines and has a map. Their analysis suggests most were from police raids, but some were private pay back.  The map suggest most of the  cop killings are in the south, whereas the "unknowns" are in Luzon. Yeah...payback... People tired of waiting for justice... we are the area of the Huks and NPA.

India may outlaw surrogancy.... rich westerners paying poor women to carry their baby. Modern slavery.

The proto Aztecs raised bunnies.
a 50 thousand year old needle has been a cave that had been occupied by the Denosova  and balls go back 70 thousand years
Otzi the Ieman had an outfit that included many types of fur/leather.

The outrageous price hike for the EpiPen will result in some people dying, but never mind.
however, NDY points out that this is not the only price gouging being done: so is insulin.

and the mystery: Why do Latinos live longer? Is it their AmerIndian ancestry?
Wait til the gene for metabolic syndrome kicks in with the high fat American diet and this may not be true.'

and the happy news of the day: Gobi has been found.

The dog who ran with a marathon runner was adopted, but ran away from quarantine. He has now been found again.

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