Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Stories below the fold

A blogger reports on Colombia's Olympic team healing "social fractures"... no, not about FARC....

But while the impressive eight-medal haul has given cause for much celebration — among South American countries only Brazil bettered Colombia — it has also amplified a thorny debate about race and class, since some of the republic's most successful Olympians were citizens of African heritage from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Many are Black ethnics. In Colombia, most blacks are from the coastal regions; my son's rural city in a high mountain valley is mainly "metziso" with many traditional customs. And most of those on TV etc. are of Spanish blood, often blonds.

But my son said he didn't recognize racism until he moved to the USA...


First you kill grandmom, then you kill the mentally ill. And one quarter were killed by doctors who didn't know the patients. Most were women of course.

oh yes: And soon: they will be able to harvest their organs.

quickly morphing from IchKlagaAn to Gaslight...

and remember: Me before you was not about a man chosing to kill himself because he was handicapped: It was the AUTHOR (and Hollywood) choosing to write and film a story to push suicide for the handicapped....


The groundwater problem of South Asia: Salinity and Arsenic.


many useful plants have a double set of chromosomes.

Polyploidy, or having more than two chromosome copies, is especially common in plants, including some of the tasty ones we eat, such as potatoes, wheat, and strawberries. In fact, polyploidy is a major driver of plant diversity both on our plates and in the wild.
Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2016-08-genes-stones-century-polyploidy.html#jCp


In the Philippines, we have barongs using Pina cloth but now someone has found how to use the pineapple fibers to make a felt like cloth that is a leather substitute.

headsup Instapundit


Urban renewal: wonderful or Evil?

Even the CNN article admits that rent control, meant to help the poor afford apartments, was really a scam that allowed the rich to live cheaply in a prime area while the landlord went broke..


Two hospitals that treated the victims of the Orlando terrorist attack will  not bill their patients for uncovered care.


-StrategyPage reports..
Syria is getting all the headlines, but the terrible war in Yemen is not... it is actually a proxy fight between the Shia backed by Iran and the Sunni backed by Saudi. And Iran is supplying missiles that could destroy a Saudi oil facility. So far, the anti missile system has stopped them, but it's only a matter of time until one gets through

Aramco is one of the targets has 55 thousand employees in it's various facilities.

I suspect many are foreign workers.

Jan 2016 report of OFW worried about bombing threats and some have asked to go home.

Business insider notes the price of oil has already gone up with the threat.

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