Monday, September 26, 2016

family news

There was a huge thunderstorm yesterday in the early evening. I heard it hit somewhere near, but we didn't get a brownout. Apparently it hit a transformer in SanLorenzo because that neighborhood had an 8 hour brownout last night.

The harvest is still in full swing, although much has been cut.

It used to be by hand, but now we have a harvester/thresher so it takes less time.

And we have our own electric drier. Usually the rice is dried on the streets/driveways or on a tarp on a flat area, but when we got badly hit by a typhoon we had to wait and get the rice mill to dry the rice. The delay meant the rice was of poor quality, only good for animal food, not to sell as gourmet organic rice. So Lolo invested in an electric drier. This was put on our land on a small hill where we can't irrigate but it doesn't flood.

Joy and Ruby spent much of their day with their church activities. Lots of social life there. I stayed home with the dogs and cats.

the spare bedroom is full of kittens right now: Not only the two that I rescued but three yellow kitties that a visitor had in the closet there.

One of these days, we will start leaving the door open to discourage the cats from staying there, but I don't have the heart to let in the dogs when the sweet kitties are roaming around.

Finally: There is supposed to be a debate in the US. I don't follow the election, but Kuya says he will come down to watch it on our TV so we can throw popcorn at the screen when the candidates lie.


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