Thursday, September 29, 2016

Family news

A low pressure area has caused flooding in Manila, but we have only had heavy thunderstorms.

No, it's not global warming, it's the sewers....just the usual typhoon  season, and the fact that there is inadequate drainage of Manila, and often the pipes get clogged with garbages, especially plastic bags...

We have had most of our rice harvested, but the rains postponed Ruby's trip to her homeschool base and to get her paperwork done for her trip to Japan.

The problem with the trip to Japan is that although her team of 4 won the trip, only three are funded to go, and now it turns out that they need passports ASAP and alas things are too slow for those who don't have passports.

I might accompany Ruby since Joy is busy and I need a vacation.

Hmm....I wonder if I can find the subzero Parka that Lolo wore here to the Philippines...

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